We Help Pastors Grow Their Church With SWEET Digital Marketing

We Help Pastors Grow Their Church With SWEET Digital Marketing

Never Wonder Where Your Next New Guest is Coming From

"Brady and the ChurchCandy team are incredible to work with, and this

program helped us grow attendance 250% in a month and a half. It simply works."

"Brady and the ChurchCandy team are incredible to work with, and this program helped us grow attendance 250% in a month and a half. It simply works."

Jason Cowart, Freedom Church

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Plan Your Visit Playbook: The Church Marketing Strategy That Generates 20-50 New Visitors Every Month

Plan Your Visit Playbook breaks down step-by-step how to get new families visiting your church every single month. It’s more than just a pop-up or form on your website. What’s the best way to get traffic to your PYV form? If it’s ads on Instagram or Facebook, what’s the best way to run those ads, and do I just put the form on my website? What’s the best strategy to follow up with these PYVs (PYVs = people that have planned a visit) to ensure they show up? That’s what we’ll cover in Plan Your Visit Playbook

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How It Works

Free Strategy Session

Before we start helping you get new visitors to your church; we want to get to know you and let you get to know us. We understand that not every church is a good fit for this program. The strategy session is an opportunity for you to learn more about this process and figure out if this would be a good fit for you and your ministry.

Get Families to Plan A Visit

If we decide that your ministry would be a good fit for this program, the first thing we'll do is start getting families to plan a visit to your Sunday service. This is typically done with ads on platforms like Facebook™ and Instagram™.

Most churches will get 20-50 families planning a visit every month from these ad campaigns. We use a "shot-gun" approach to the ads; creating hundreds of variations of images, videos, placements, targeting audiences, headlines, etc. After managing millions of dollars in ads, this strategy brings the best results.

Automate the Follow-Up Process

Getting families to plan a visit is the easy part. The hard part is actually getting them to show up for a Sunday Service. We've built a fool-proof way to easily get up to 90% of the families that planned a visit to actually show up for your Sunday service.

We will build out the automated campaigns and train you and your team on how to affectively use the recommended software.

Scale the Strategy

After we have a funnel built and ready for new families to plan a visit, it's time to scale. We like to use a long term strategy with retargeting. This is like whenever you go to a website and then you start seeing their ads on social media. You can do the same thing for your church.

We start by promoting video content that speaks directly to what your ideal new guest is already thinking.

Then, if anyone watches 25-50%+, they'll start seeing more, and more of your ads online. This will result in new families visiting that say things like, "I don't know what it is, but I just feel Holy Spirit calling me to Vibrant Church. Every time I turn around on Facebook or Instagram, I keep seeing you guys." (This is something we hear all the time)

Our Story

Brady Sticker

Founder & CEO

While attending Christ for the Nations Institute and Dallas Baptist University, Brady and his Father Billy grew one of the largest digital marketing agencies in the chiropractic profession, ChiroCandy Marketing. After graduating from CFNI and DBU, Brady and his wife Sara moved to The Woodlands, TX to help launch Vibrant Church. Brady and Sara served as Student Pastors at Vibrant while still managing over 300 clients' Facebook™ ads campaigns at ChiroCandy.

Brady has managed the ad campaigns for Vibrant since pre-launch. Vibrant has grown substantially, in the midst of a global pandemic. Vibrant has had to expand it's building and now consistently see 20-50 first-time guests from Facebook™ ads every month! Brady’s heart for the "Big-C" Church has led him to start helping churches grow with digital marketing with ChurchCandy Marketing.

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